For more than a decade, Jamie ‘jMac’ Pollock has witnessed first-hand how technology can be a near-insurmountable hurdle for many people, especially those new to the world of Apple.

To help bridge this gap and empower people to confidently connect with the world around them, jMac teamed up with Royalwise employee #1, Audrey Isbell, with the goal of providing an easy & accessible way for people to learn about their devices.

Jamie & Audrey saw a need for a resource that would make technology easier for people to understand & use. They wanted to create a platform where people could learn about their Apple devices & how to use them in a simple & comprehensive way.

This is when jMac Fixes Everything was born.

With jMac Fixes Everything, you can now get the help & guidance you need to better understand & use your Apple devices with confidence.


At jMac Fixes Everything, we strive to create a warm & welcoming atmosphere for all Apple users.

We understand that each person has different needs, & our goal is to provide content that is tailored to meet those needs.

We encourage everyone to ask questions & get involved in the conversation, so that they can learn more and benefit from our collective expertise. From first-time users to experienced professionals, we want everyone to feel comfortable and empowered.


Our mission is to cultivate community connection over all things Apple by creating an inclusive, supportive environment for all users, regardless of their level of expertise.

We promote understanding, collaboration, and innovation so that everyone can benefit from the powerful possibilities of Apple products and services. Through our platform, we strive to create a safe space for learning, discussion, and collaboration, enabling users to unlock the true potential of their Apple technology.

We foster conversations, knowledge exchange, and collaboration to strengthen the bond between Apple users and to promote the power of community. We are committed to helping Apple users take full advantage of their devices and services, connecting them with each other to foster a sense of community and collaboration. We strive to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone to explore the possibilities of Apple technology and to create meaningful connections with other Apple users.


The jMac Fixes Everything podcast goes beyond the typical tech talk and provides valuable insights into the world of Apple. We strive to help you make the most of your Apple device and become a better user of everyday technology.

Our mission is to help make your Apple experience as great as it can be by providing simple steps & practical advice, tips, & tricks to help you unlock the full potential of your Apple electronics.
Through this podcast, you’ll learn essential maintenance tips, get the latest news on upcoming products, and explore in-depth features so that you can make your Apple experience as amazing as it can be.

Whether you're looking to get the most out of your iPhone, Mac computer, iPad, Apple Watch, or other Apple device, we're here to help you every step of the way.

From optimizing your device's performance to exploring new features, the jMac Fixes Everything podcast is the ultimate resource for Apple users of all levels.

Tune in as we provide you with the information you need to make your Apple experience amazing!


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