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Q: I have a question. How do I ask jMac?

A: To submit a question to jMac, click on one of the 'Ask jMac' buttons around the website, or send us an email at We'll try to answer it in an upcoming episode.

To increase your chances of having your question answered live on air, record a short video of you asking your question to the camera, then email the video to



Q: What is a Podcast?

A: Podcasts are engaging episodes of audio content available to stream through web browsers & mobile applications.

With podcasts, you can stay up-to-date with the latest content and topics that interest you.

From learning a new language to keeping up with the latest news, podcasts offer a convenient way to stay up to date and entertained.

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Q: What does it mean to “subscribe” to a podcast?

A: Subscribing to a podcast is like subscribing to a newspaper or magazine, except it’s FREE!

With your subscription, you're letting the podcaster know to keep you in the loop with the newest episodes.

Subscribing is a great way to show your support for your favorite podcaster, as their most dedicated listeners are often their biggest fans. As a subscriber, you'll also be the first to know about special offers & giveaways.

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Q: Why are reviews important?

Leaving a review for a podcast makes a world of difference for the creator!

When you take the time to share your opinion, your feedback shows that you care—even if it’s not all five stars. It’s the best way to acknowledge the time, talent, & passion that went into creating the show.

Furthermore, leaving reviews helps the podcast rank higher on iTunes, in the Podcast App, & the other podcast directories, boosting its visibility to others.

When lots of people leave feedback, the podcast gets shown to more potential listeners when they’re browsing for related topics.

By joining the audience of active reviewers, you're helping to spread the message of the podcast far & wide, meaning more people can find & benefit from the podcast's message — & you just helped make that possible! High fives all around!

Q: How to leave a review from an iPhone?

A: Open the Podcast App on your iPhone (your iPhones comes with this pre-installed. If you can’t find it, search for it in the AppStore.)

Navigate to the jMac Fixes Everything Podcast, & in the ‘Ratings & Reviews’ section, tap the star on the right to give us a 5 star rating, then tap ‘Write a Review’ and let others know why you recommend the jMac Fixes Everything podcast.

Q: How do I leave a review on iTunes?

A: If you’re a fan of the jMac Fixes Everything podcast, please leave a review on iTunes. This is extremely helpful for extending our reach and helping more people.

To leave a review:

  • Go to the iTunes listing for ‘jMac Fixes Everything.’
  • Click the blue “View in iTunes” button to launch iTunes
  • Once in iTunes, click the “Ratings and Reviews” tab
  • Click the “Write a Review” button to leave a star rating and/or write a review

When do people usually listen to Podcasts?

A: Podcasts make it easy to multi-task!

Rather than needing to devote your full attention to watching video-based content, podcasts allow you to take in knowledge & entertain yourself without needing to keep your eyes on the screen.

Whether you're driving, washing dishes, walking the dog, participating in a hobby, or just tidying up, you can get your audio fix while staying informed & entertained.

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