Ep. 6 - Digital Literacy in the Age of Apple

Episode Topics Include

  • Hosts Jamie 'jMac' Pollock & Audrey Isbell discuss Apple tech.
  • They cover troubleshooting iPhone issues.
  • They emphasize the importance of a strong tech foundation.
  • They discuss customizing device settings.
  • They explore hidden functions in operating systems.
  • They promote taking on-demand tech classes.
  • They highlight the value of being tech-savvy to assist others.
  • They talk about controlling widgets and device backups.
  • They discuss transferring photos between devices.
  • They delve into private browsing in Safari and app navigation.
  • Jamie offers anecdotes and expresses his passion for tech.
  • There's a special offer for viewers to enroll in the iPhone class Audrey mentions.

Ep. 5 - Embracing the Apple Universe

Episode Topics Include

  • Jamie and Audrey discuss photos and videos
  • Jamie recounts an Android to Apple switcher's reasoning
  • They delve into sharing photos/videos via text, discussing various protocols and formats.
  • The challenge arises: how to transfer the Android Photo Library to Apple.
  • They weigh the pros and cons of backups vs. syncing, cloud vs. local storage, and recovery strategies.
  • Jamie introduces the Rule of 3 and 3 for data backup.
  • Jamie highlights the benefits of the Apple Universe and the simplicity of staying within it.
  • Audrey commits to watching the All The Basics course and sharing her experience.
  • Both are enthusiastic about their photo and video transfer journey.

Ep. 4 - Where's my Data?

Episode Topics Include

  • Other devices also listen - Google Home, Amazon Alexa
  • 2 question recap - Photos & Backups
  • iCloud BackUp - WiFi, Locked, Charging
  • iCloud Storage rundown/breakdown
  • Advantages to Apple Pay
  • Where’s My Data? - Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes
  • Using multiple calendars to color code
  • Default account for Calendar and Contact in Settings
  • Learn it yourself vs paying someone like jMac to do it for you
  • What is iCloud, how do I get to it, & do I really need it?
  • jMac likes Refurbished devices

Ep. 3 - SIRI Paranoia???

Episode Topics Include

  • Twilight Zone of Technology - Apples to Oranges
  • Can you transfer apps & data from Android over to iPhone?
  • App Store vs Google Play store - separate platforms & different version of the apps
  • Sales Experts vs Apple experts - Know the difference or expect bad advice
  • Two-factor authentication & not having multiple devices
  • Apple ID | Use it to access iCloud, App Store, iTunes Store, FaceTime, & Messages
  • Automatic transfer of data - from other iPhone or Android
  • Generic setup vs migration assistant data transfer
  • Don’t use the old phone as a crutch
  • Photos/videos - how to get them from old Android onto new iPhone

Ep. 2 - Making the Switch

Episode Topics Include

  • Audrey update on how are you feeling about the switch
  • What this phone does that her old phone couldn’t
  • Apple Watch as an alarm
  • Apps for Apple Watch on iPhone (Watch/Health/Fitness apps)
  • Alarm vs Timer vs Reminders vs Calendar Events
  • Using SIRI & dictation to add a reminder to do something
  • Natural Scrolling (Up is up and down is down) vs scroll bar (Up is down and down is up)
  • Android vs iPhone notifications swipe in opposite directions
  • Swipe left on iPhone to delete things in Mail, Messages, etc.
  • Memoji - can have more than one
  • Notification Center vs Control Center vs Spotlight Search

Ep. 1 - The Switcher

Episode Topics

  • Peer pressure from family/work to use a certain platform
  • Messages, file size, sharing images & videos
  • Apple Watch for sauna
  • Leading up to the switch
  • Anxiety, learning is painful, what am I going to lose?
  • The emotion of letting go of previous knowledge base
  • Desire to feel effective - Self created stumbling block
  • Struggle and frustrations of - 1)why did I do this & 2) why did I wait so long to do this?
  • Settings vs System Preferences vs Control Panel (Windows)
  • Purchasing the right make/model/hard drive size/ etc. - How to estimate hard drive space needs

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