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No fancy jargon. No overly-complicated videos. Just straightforward training
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Passwords & Keychain

Overwhelmed by password exhaustion? Retake control by learning to use Apple’s built-in Keychain tool for secure, frustration-free password management across all of your Apple devices.


iCloud & Apple IDs

Come learn what iCloud is & how it keeps all your data current on all your devices. And how to get control of your Apple ID, so you have access to all of Apple’s services & subscriptions.

Spring Clean Your Mac

Give your iMac or MacBook a Spring cleaning! Optimize your storage, speed up performance, remove malware, and delete unneeded files. For beginners and Seniors.

Internet Security

Stay safe with this internet security class for home users. Recognize fake emails & support popups, create & save strong passwords, prevent malware and viruses.

Apple Watch Basics

Learn how to use your Apple Watch, the waterproof smartwatch with built-in apps that sync to your iPhone & help you stay healthy (hello activity rings!)… while you send text messages, take phone calls, stream music, talk to SIRI, & more.

Safari Made Simple

Surf the web with your Mac's Safari browser. Its organizational tools make it powerful, with Bookmarks, Favorites, Reading List, and iCloud tabs that sync to your iPhone.

Digital Gifting Ideas

Happy Holidays! It is the time of year when we let the people in our lives know how much they mean to us through gift giving. But why spend a ton of money on consumer gifts when you can make your own digital gifts! You already have the Apple computer, the necessary software, and years of photos and videos to use as content.

What's New in iOS 16

Your iPhone & iPad have a brand new operating system, iOS 16! With dozens of new features, this cutting edge technology just keeps getting better (if you know how to use it effectively).

macOS: All the Basics pt 1

This class is great for Seniors and Beginners! We will cover the Mac Operating System (macOS), including everything you need from getting set up, to looking around, to getting work done, to printing.

macOS: All the Basics pt 2

Your Mac is user-friendly and exciting to use, with full screen apps, multiple desktops, trackpad gestures, saving options, dictation, Siri, and more.

macOS: File Management

What’s the best way to organize files on your computer? Use Apple Mac’s Finder for file management, save documents in folders, and use Spotlight to search.

macOS: All the Basics Pt 1, 2, 3

BUNDLE & SAVE! Purchase all three of Jamie's live macOS Basics courses for $135 and save 20%. This includes admission into each live class and a recording of the webinar, in case you can't attend live.


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