Technology can be a powerful ally in our lives, and having access to the right resources and understanding can make all the difference.

jMac Fixes Everything was created to provide an easy way for Apple users to learn more about their devices & better connect with the world around them in this new age of technology.

Jamie ‘jMac’ Pollock & Royalwise employee #1, Audrey Isbell, teamed up to start jMac Fixes Everything in 2022 with the aim of helping people new to the world of Apple overcome the hurdle of technology.

With a combination of humor and expertise, jMac Fixes Everything provides a unique and memorable experience that both entertains and educates.

Jamie 'jMAC' Pollock | Host

At the core of everything Jamie does lies a passionate belief in helping people become comfortable & confident with the ever-changing technology landscape.

As an Apple Certified Support Pro, Jamie takes pride in assisting people become familiar with everyday technology & providing them with the tools to achieve their digital goals.

Known for his friendly disposition & expertise in problem solving, Jamie has a natural gift for translating complex concepts into easily understandable terms & believes in making technology accessible to everyone.

No matter the challenge, Jamie's knowledgeable & intuitive approach ensures that his clients get the best possible results.

Whether it is helping someone to use their iPhone more effectively or teaching business owners how to better use their networks & software, Jamie is always eager to share his knowledge & offer support.

Audrey Isbell | Co-Host

Audrey is no princess, though it’s rumored you can see her fighting alongside various rebel forces & avenging teams. After a long stay in Android territory, she has decided to venture out on an unexpected quest to find her place in the Apple universe.

Though she may be a newcomer, Audrey’s reputation for valor and loyalty has preceded her. Taking the lessons she learned from her time in Android territory, Audrey was able to seek out the counsel of the wise one, jMac, to help her navigate the perils of this realm.

On her memorable quest, Audrey has been gathering many prized items and tools to boost her power and strengthen her league of friends and allies.

Now, as Audrey reaches her goals, she sets an example for future generations of rebels and heroines. She serves as an example of courage, resilience and dedication, and a reminder that we can all achieve greatness. Audrey is no princess, but she sure is a champion.